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Sharon Salu

Sharon Salu


Since drawing stick figures is not considered a serious art form, I have decided to use words instead to tell the stories I want to read.  Many of my stories are based in Nigeria because, well, I am a Nigerian.  Logical explanation, right?

I write mostly short stories, but I also write flash fiction and novellas.  The Aso-Ebi Chronicles is my first series of novellas.

And because I know you’re deeply fascinated by my life, you might as well take note that I will eat anything that has pepper in it.  Within reason, of course.

But, even if you do not like spicy foods, you can always leave a comment or send a message.

I also write on: AmazonSmashwords | Naija Stories

Featured Story

On the Road to Makurdi - Nigerian Short Story

A Mystery and Romance Short

A young man travels from Lagos to Makurdi for one purpose: to meet a young woman he has never seen before. However, a chance encounter with a stranger on his journey will change his life profoundly.

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