I have missed blogging!  Hopefully, you missed me too. 🙂  Believe me, I did not plan to stay away this long.  It just happened.

Enough with the whining.

As a peace offering, I am sharing a new short story over the next few weeks.

I originally thought it would be a flash fiction story, but like many short stories I have written, it just kept growing.

So, here it is: The Day I Will Never Forget.  This short story explores Nigerian childhood memories.

I will use this page to link all the parts together for your convenience.

Happy August and enjoy!


Episode 1: Our Class Teacher, the Rabbit Lover

Episode 2: The Boy with the Fat Cheeks

Episode 3: Revenge on a Plate of Party Jollof Rice

Episode 4: Ezekiel’s Mother Suspects Something

Episode 5: Miss Agbo Tells Her Story

Episode 6: Those Troublesome Twins

Episode 7: Father Christmas, Miss Agbo and That English Composition

Episode 8: Show Me Your Report Card

Episode 9 (FINAL): All is Well that Ends Well for Uncle Henry and Miss Agbo

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Picture Credit: Flickr

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