eBook Cover - The Journey of a Thousand Naira Note Part Two - Nigerian Graphic Novel

The Journey of a Thousand Naira: Part Two is my second graphic novel.  The story picks up where The first one (The Journey of a Thousand Naira Note, Part One) stopped.

With vibrant illustrations created by Maria Nikla, Part Two of the graphic novel series follows the adventures of One Thousand Naira as it travels through the lives of everyday people.  Maria Nikla also created the colorful artwork for two of my picture books: Christmas in Lagos and Easter in Lagos.

Here is a summary of this Nigerian graphic novel:

The Journey continues in Part 2 of this African Graphic Novel Adventure Series!


In the second part of THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND NAIRA NOTE, the one thousand Naira note continues its colorful and exciting travels through the lives of ordinary Nigerians. Money ushers in new beginnings, solves problems and even restores hope.


From lovers to university students to traders, the thousand Naira note is a silent witness to the changes and daily triumphs that often go unnoticed and uncelebrated.


Each chapter explores the role money plays in love and relationships, marriage, education, politics, trade, and commerce.


This is a glimpse into the Nigerian experience through the eyes of the highest denomination: one thousand Naira.

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Parts One and Two of The Journey of a Thousand Naira Note are available in three formats:

  • eBook
  • Paperback
  • Hardcover


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