What were they saying?

What were they saying?

This is a common sight in Mississippi, especially as you drive into the Delta.  Lots of open fields, and lying on those open fields are (pick one):

A. People on tanning beds, who mistook a field in Mississippi for a vacation spot

B. Tractors

C. Cows and other random farm animals

D. Critters (e.g. squirrels, and the like)


I hope you picked B, even though the rest are possibilities.

Anyway, I imagine that these two tractors had this conversation:


Tractor 1 (the one on the left): I reckon it’s gonna rain today.

Tractor 2 (in a high-pitched yet remarkably detached voice): You said that last week, and it was as dry as a baby’s bottom.


Tractor 1: So, did you see the game last night?

Tractor 2: No, but I saw a raccoon get run over by a beat-up 4 by 4.

Tractor 1: He should’a looked where he was going.

Tractor 2: Who? The truck or the raccoon?


Tractor 1: Think we’ll ever take that trip to Wal-Mart?

Tractor 2: Sure.  When pigs fly.

*both start laughing*

I could almost bet I heard them laughing when I passed by.  Tractors!


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