Welcome to the 2nd week of January! Yes, one week has already zoomed past.  Can you believe it? Today, I wanted to share my latest publication with you.  The Hairy Crown of Mr. Adesoji is a novella, which I wrote and published last year.  It is set in an all boys boarding school in Nigeria.

If you’re curious about the title and are wondering, “Who is Mr. Adesoji? Why is his hairy crown the subject of an entire novella? Why did Sharon pick this title?” here’s the synopsis to answer some of your questions:

Three school boys – Francis, Fadehan and Kanmi – are friends in their first year at St. John’s College, a private secondary school in Lagos. Their lives are dull and ordinary until their afro wearing, oppressive Mathematics teacher, Mr. Adesoji, picks on one of them and humiliates him in front of the whole school.

Fueled by a collective desire for revenge and retribution, the young boys embark on an adventure that will test their brotherhood and friendship.

But their quest for revenge is only the beginning. Mr. Adesoji is undoubtedly the wickedest teacher in school. How will the boys exact revenge on him? Will they succeed?

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