Ajebota Returnee: Flash Fiction

Youth Corpers

Youth Corpers

Titi stared at the bucket. It lay half-submerged in water, floating in the well. She could almost hear it taunting her, daring her to come after it. But, whatever the bucket was saying was drowned out by the voices of the other corpers behind her. One by one, their voices floated to her, slapping the back of her head like brazen accusations.

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Stay in Berlin: Part 7 (FINAL)

Portrait of a romantic happy young African American couple enjoying

The words they wrote to each other bound them together more tightly than ever before.  These letters bridged the physical distance between these two people and without realizing it, each fell deeper and deeper in love with the other.

Remi woke up with Olisa on her mind every morning and Olisa’s mind was filled with thoughts of Remi almost every minute he was awake.  Every time Remi replied Olisa’s e-mail, she assuaged her guilty conscience by telling herself that they were just friends.  And since neither of them mentioned Kayode or the upcoming wedding in these letters, reality was kept at bay.

They both created and kept his fantasy world alive, where the only two people that mattered were Remi and Olisa.  Everything and everyone else who threatened to disturb the artificial peace in this world was promptly blocked out.  That included Amaka, and Kayode. read more…

Stay in Berlin: Part 6

Portrait of a romantic happy young African American couple enjoying

She was so taken aback by surprise at her discovery that she sat down suddenly on Kayode’s bed.  The grogginess she had felt moments before was gone and in its stead, was an all-consuming desire to know what was written in this book which bore her name.

Then began the internal battle between principle and curiosity: should she open this journal and read its contents or pretend like she never saw it, consoled with the thought that she was a principled person and it was wrong to violate another person’s privacy?

It took her less than thirty seconds to make up her mind.  In the end, curiosity won.  read more…

Stay in Berlin: Part 5

Portrait of a romantic happy young African American couple enjoying

As is common in stories of this nature, little secrets never remain little for long. So it was with Remi and Olisa.

From the very first day they met, each felt an indisputable and inexplicable attraction to the other, and neither fought off that attraction. Olisa told Remi on that first day at Café Isabella, that he had a girlfriend back home in Nigeria. So, for all intents and purposes, they knew each other’s status relationship-wise. One was engaged to be married, and the other was in a long-term relationship headed for marriage. But neither of these factors deterred them from seeing each other.

Remi and Olisa saw each other almost every day for the rest of Olisa’s one-month vacation in Berlin. His plan to visit friends and relatives in other European countries was put on hold, and he decided instead to spend his entire holiday in Germany. The reason for that was of course, obvious: so he could he close to Remi. read more…

Oh, I love your hat!


I hardly tie gele when I wear my traditional outfits here, mostly because you cannot claim to be dressed casually while wearing an elaborate head tie.  I tell you, a gele can make a mundane outfit look festive.

But the few times I have appeared in public with my gele, I have gotten this puzzling compliment: “I love your hat.” read more…

Stay in Berlin: Part 4

Portrait of a romantic happy young African American couple enjoying

That day was a Wednesday.  Class finished earlier than usual, as the teacher had to travel out of town that afternoon.  So, at 11:15 a.m., the class was dismissed.  Minutes later, Remi walked to the station to catch the next train.

The train she usually took, which was a later train usually took about fifteen minutes to arrive at her regular stop.  This time around, due to some construction work, the train she boarded would take an extra ten minutes to arrive at the destination.  This was what she heard some of the fellow passengers say in English, after the announcement was made in German over the public speakers on the train. read more…


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