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… And after Number 3 is Number …. Oh, I’m just itching to write 7 here.  Wait, I just did 😉

But, no that’s the wrong answer.  The correct answer is 4.  You’re welcome.

I am quite pleased to announce that the 4th (and last) novella in the Aso-Ebi Chronicles has been published and is available on Amazon for your reading pleasure.

It’s called (as you can guess from the title), Violet’s Velvet Adventures, and it is currently available on Amazon for $2.99.  If I choose to make it available on other platforms, you’ll be the first to know.  So, please subscribe to this blog.  🙂

As a reminder, each novella is a stand-alone story, meaning you can read them in any order:

  1. Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures
  2. Wura’s Woodin Adventures
  3. Lara’s Lace Adventures
  4. Violet’s Velvet Adventures

Here’s a brief summary:

Violet Edem leads a relatively boring life as a Finance teacher at a community college in Houston, Texas. Her love life is just as boring as her job, until the unexpected happens. Two men waltz into her life and Violet must decide which one of them has a future with her.

Then as she prepares for a wedding, something terrible happens to the groom. Violet is unwittingly swept up in solving a mystery where she discovers that the past may very well hold the key to the future.

Set in Houston, Texas and Lagos, Nigeria, Violet’s Velvet Adventures is the 4th Novella in the Aso-Ebi Chronicles.

And that’s it.  Oh, the cover for this one as well as the other three novellas was designed by Qaaim Goodwin.  My favorite book cover is Lara.  Something about that yellow and purple.

Shhhh! Don’t tell Violet. 🙂

Have a fantastic rest-of-the-week!

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