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Happy Good Friday! I hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays as much as I have.  🙂

The short story I wrote in 2015, The Day I Will Never Forget is set in 1990s Nigeria and today, it’s finally an eBook.  With the eBook comes a brand new book cover too.  So, if you haven’t read the story before, this is your chance to immerse yourself in Ezekiel’s (and Miss Agbo’s) world for a few hours … or days.  Or however long it takes you to finish it sha.  Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. Hehe!

Here’s the synopsis:

Ezekiel’s homework assignment is quite simple: write an English composition, otherwise known as an essay, on the topic “The Day I Will Never Forget.” There’s only one problem: Ezekiel has no idea what to write. Why? Because the life of this 6 year old boy has been a series of very ordinary, forgettable days.

But when his class teacher, the meticulous, rabbit-loving Miss Agbo announces that a prize will be awarded to the student with the best essay, the homework becomes a competition, which Ezekiel and his classmates are determined to win at all costs.

As the deadline approaches, Ezekiel’s life is visited by an array of dramatic episodes. Caught in the middle of all the drama is his teacher, Miss Agbo, who despite being a keen romantic has been unlucky in love. Will Ezekiel win? Will Miss Agbo finally find love?

This heartwarming tale of primary school life in 1990s Nigeria is witty, nostalgic and unforgettable.

The eBook is available at:


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Enjoy and have a truly wonderful Easter!


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