Green M & M Luggage Tag

Sophisticated Green

We are right in the middle of summer, so I thought this post would be appropriate. 🙂

While waiting in line at a department store, I spotted these curious looking things.  Initially, they were more than a few feet away from me.  But as the line got shorter, naturally, I got closer.

And I took a closer look.

Behold, the M & M’s Luggage Tags!

Blue and Red M & M Luggage Tag

Blue and Red Chilling

I suppose these beat the alternative, i. e. tying a colorful scarf or hair band to your luggage for easy identification.  We don’t want someone stealing mistakenly taking your precious cargo now, do we? 😉

Anyway, I think these are cute, and there’s one for him or her.

Red M & M's Luggage Tag

Red M & M’s Luggage Tag

Blue M & M's Luggage Tag

Blue M & M’s Luggage Tag

Would I buy one? Ah, I think I’ll stick with my colored headband, thank you.  But I am always happy to receive gifts from well-wishers.  😀

For the record, I like the green one … just because she crossed her legs.

Have a great weekend!

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