September Short Stories - Nigerian Romance Short Story - African Short Story Series

Something wonderful is happening in September …

… And you are invited!

September Short Stories

A Bouquet of Promises

Mr. Perfect Shoes

Considering Mr. Wrong

To The Man I Once Loved

September Short Stories, A Collage of all four book covers of Nigerian Romance Short Stories including: A Bouquet of Promises, Mr. Perfect Shoes, Considering Mr. Wrong and To The Man I Once Loved

*clears throat*

Every Tuesday in the month of September, I will share a brand new short story.  That’s right.  A standalone short story every week in September.

Oya, let’s do the math:


1 short story x 4 days = 4 short stories


If your answer was 14, I’m sorry for you! 😀

And if you tuned out when you saw “math,” I have great news for you:  Next week, we’re starting Further Maths.  He he he! Okay, we’re not, but wouldn’t that be awesome? Stop shaking your head.

Random question: Is Further Maths the same as Calculus?  That’s a question for another day.

Back to the September matter.  Don’t say I didn’t give you IV o.  You’re invited.

I’ll meet you back here on September 4.  Yes, that’s when the first short story will be posted.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rest of August!

P. S. Remember the August Fiction Series? Let me refresh your memory:


August Fiction Series


Unfriending Mama

Hotel Surprise

An Understanding Woman

At the End of a Long, Loose Braid

More Short Stories


The Day I Will Never Forget

For the Love of Plantain

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The Piano Book

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