Happy Sunday! I hope the month of August has been treating you well. I haven’t been here for a bit (what an understatement), but that will change this month.  Beginning this Tuesday, August 9, I will be starting a new series.  It is titled the August Fiction Series.

As you might have guessed already from the title, it will be limited to the month of August.  Essentially, I will share a different flash fiction (very, very short story) every Tuesday for the rest of August.  So, there will be four stories in total.

August Fiction Series

# 1: Unfriending Mama

# 2: Hotel Surprise

# 3: An Understanding Woman

# 4: At the End of a Long Loose Braid

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these stories even more than I did writing them.  🙂

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Have an awesome week.

See you on Tuesday!

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