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My first picture book for children, A Goat Called Curry, was released in 2018.  It featured the adventures of Mofolusho and her pet goat, Curry.  Now, there is a follow-up/sequel, and it is also set in Lagos.

The follow-up book has been published and is now available via Amazon.  It is titled A Chicken Called Peri Peri, and it is my third official picture book for children.  The second picture book was The Castle of Newborns, which was released earlier this year.

Here’s the synopsis for A Chicken Called Peri Peri:

A story of friendship and sharing between African twin sisters, set in Lagos, Nigeria.


Deep in the heart of Lagos,
in a beautiful house surrounded by tall trees,
there lived a man, his wife and their daughters.
Their names were Doja and Remi.


Twin sisters, Doja and Remi are alike but very different. They both love animals but want different pets.


Doja loves playing soccer and flying airplanes. She wants a puppy. Remi, on the other hand, loves making colorful art, painting portraits, drawing pictures, and playing the guitar. She wants a pet canary.


When a chicken struts into their lives, the girls learn the value of friendship and the joy of sharing.


This follow-up story to A Goat Called Curry features the ingredients used to make Mozambique style Chicken Peri Peri, a popular African dish, with Portuguese origins.


Recommended for children 4 – 8 years old.

A Chicken Called Peri Peri was illustrated by Svitlana Liuta, an illustrator based in Ukraine.  She also illustrated A Goat Called Curry, and Castle of Newborns.

Paperback copies are now available via Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and other Amazon websites.  Also available an an e-book.


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