To The Man I Once Loved: September Short Story 4

Official Poster of To the Man I Once Loved, an Epistolary Short Story, Also a Nigerian Office Romance published in September, In the background is a Handsome African Man who is wearing glasses and holds an apple smartphone and is wearing a navy blue t shirt


Happy Tuesday!

Today, we round up our September Short Stories with the fourth and final story in this seriesTo The Man I Once Loved is an office romance story set in Nigeria.  It is also an epistolary short story, meaning it is written in the form of a letter.

In To The Man I Once Loved, the writer is a side chick/mistress giving her boss/lover some very important information.  Or maybe it isn’t important.  Oh, well, when you read, you can decide, abi? 😀

To everyone who has followed this series, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed each story.

If you missed the first three stories, there’s still time to catch up.  Here they are:

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